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Related article: Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 16:50:51 -0700 (PDT) From: Vince Usher Subject: Sunny Lolitas Adventurous shopping tripIt was a normal day of hunting for clothes in my local shopping centre, when I met the hottest guy I had ever seen.He was working in one of the clothes stores I went into. A place I usually went to to buy my designer lables.I hadn't seen him there before, but I took a good long look at him.He was about my height, 6', maybe a little taller, with short black hair, and the deepest green eyes I had ever seen. He was thin, but not too thin, just right.I had had my eye on a top in the store for weeks, and I kept on putting off buying it, but I thought I would try it on today, just to see how it felt, and looked on me. Also, the staff member had to stretch to get it down for me.I walked pointedly to the new guy, and asked him if I could try the top.He walked along to the rack with me in tow, but far enough behind to look at his arse, it was so nice, I couldn't wait to see if I could touch it.As he stretched up to get the top, the fabric of his trousers was pulled taught, and I nearly passed out there and then.His arse was even nicer than I had thought, the muscles in his arse were moving as he stretched this way and that to get the top off the wall rack.He finally managed to get it down, much to my disapointment, and escorted me to the changing room. It was a large communal room, with a couple of chairs, and three full length mirrors on the walls. Normally the staff wait outside, but he came in with me, and stood holding the top on the hanger for me.As I pulled my top off, I heard a slight intake of breath, as if someone were very nervous. I turned slowly, to him, letting him look at my naked upper torso fully, first off my back, with my tattoo in the middle of it, and then I slowly turned so he could see my toned chest and pierced nipples, first one, then the other.I noticed he moved the top closer to him, as if he were hiding something.I dropped my top to the floor, and asked if I could have the top to try on.He held it out, and swallowed hard. I reached towards his hand, and took a hold of the hanger, leaving my hand in contact with his for a while. I expected him to pull away, but he didn't. He slowly and surreptitiously rubbed his hand with mine, and I then noticed why he had moved the top. It was to hide his rapidly growing erection.I just looked at it, and smiled at him.He placed the top carefully onto the chair next to him, and looked into my deep, dark brown (almost black) eyes.The next few seconds happened so quickly, before I knew it, we were pressed against each other, and he was topless, our hot chests touching.I reached down to his trousers, and loosened his belt and fly as I placed a gentle kiss onto his lips. As his trousers slowly slid down his legs, I realised why I had received such a fabulous view earlier, he was wearing no underwear.He reached for my trousers, and pulled them slowly down, breaking our kiss to mave down with them. The sight he was greeted with was my hard 8 1/2" cock straining the fabric of my black Calvin Klein boxers. Almost instantly his lips were pressed against the fabric, playing with the shaft of my cock.He slowly pulled down my boxers, kissing every bit of my crotch that he revealed. He must have caught the head of my cock Sunny Lolitas with the waist band, because it was a while before I heard or felt the slap of my cock against my nicely trimmed pubic bush.Again, I heard a sharp intake of breath.He had obviously never seen a pierced cock before.I whispered gently to him "Do you like what you see? Have a taste if you want." He didn't need to be asked twice. Before I knew it, he had all of my 8 1/2" in his mouth at once, and was giving me oral pleasures like a pro.It wasn't long before he had me climaxing, and shooting hot load after hot load of salty semen down his throat.It had been about three weeks since I had last shot a load, so I must have shot at least five or six jets of creamy cum into his throat, and he swallowed every last drop.Well, I had to return the favour, so I turned him round, and bent him over, revealing his sexy virgin hole."Don't!" He whispered, "I've never taken a dick up my arse before.""That's not what I have in mind" I replied, and set to work giving his ass the reaming of a lifetime. I deftly flicked my pierced tongue in and out of his red hole, and savoured the taste of his ass, I alternated my actions between licking, and biting each of his ass cheeks one at a time.He was practically squealing with pleasure, so I stuffed my boxers into his mouth to keep him quiet. The smell of where my cock had rested, and where my precum had seeped out got him so horny that he was bucking back against my tongue as it explored his hole, and lubed it up well and good.I felt his hole tighten, and I knew he was about to come, so I stopped, turned him round, and started sucking his balls. The break was all he needed to delay his orgasm.I nimbly switched from one testicle to the other, and also licked and pressed my tongue bar against the piece of skin that led to his now wet hole.I finally took his 7" member into my mouth, and started sucking his cock. I copuld feel the heat and pressure building up, and all of a sudden he shot three loads of cum into my mouth, I swallowed the first two, and kept the last in my mouth.He drew me up next to him, and we kissed, his cum and our saliva mixing to make a potent drug. I had him at my command, and I turned him round, and started working on his ass again, making sure it was well lubed with my tongue.Once I was sure it was well lubed, I stood, and pressed the head of my hard, pierced cock against his hole. As I pushed my cock into him in one rapid movement, he gasped with a mixture of pleasure and pain.I waited for his ass muscles to adjust, and then I set to pumping away at his ass, pulling almost all of my cock out, and then pushing it all back in.After about twenty pumps in his tight virgin ass, I was ready to cum again, and I couldn't pull out, so I shot at least another four jets of cum inside of him.I pulled out my driping softening cock from his ass, and watched the look of contentment on his face. We quickly dressed, and I tried the top on.It looked great, very figure hugging, and it revealed my nipple piercings, but I decided I didn't like the colour.He told me he could get a black one ordered in for next week, about this time, if I would care to come back and try it on.You know what? I think I will!
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